Why I’m no longer in the yarn business

I’m now working from home for a company based in Dallas, Texas. I spend most of my day online, at a computer, sourcing hard-to-find items that have nothing to do with yarn. Isn’t that an unexpected twist? (I thought so too). As different as it is, I feel good about having a career again. Since June, when the shop closed, I entertained some serious offers that would have kept me busy in the yarn and needle-crafting industry, but the universe knew that’s not what I needed, and it led to something else.

During the week, I don’t make time to knit. I do, however, try to sit and knit once a week (on Sundays, if I’m in town) at The Social Knitwork in Old Town Spring. I try to keep up with social media when I’m between tasks at work, because I enjoy seeing what you all are creating. My other crafty pursuit (card-making) is limited to early mornings and an occasional evening.

The more a person limits himself, the more resourceful he becomes.

SØREN KIerkegaard

I will be selling the twistedyarnstexas.com domain by early 2020. In doing so, I want to assure you that no customer information will be sold or transferred to any individuals or entities. I will retain (and rename) the Twisted Yarns Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts before then. I no longer own or maintain a customer database on any email list providers.

If you would like to keep in touch, please send a private message (or “DM”) on Facebook or Instagram. If you’re not on Facebook or Instagram, please send a text or leave a voicemail at 281-528-8664. I do not answer the phone at this number during the day; just leave your name and any contact information you’re comfortable providing and it will only be seen (or heard!) by me! Please note: I’ll be updating Facebook when I begin de-stashing my personal yarn collection (with a percentage of proceeds going to a local charity). I would love to post information about your favorite knitting group if you’re open to new friends and participants.

You know me – I’ll always reward you for reading all the way to the end of a long blog post. I left you all hanging with a photo of my grandson a few months ago and he’s already changed so much! Here’s a sneak peek of a candid photo of both of my grandsons. These two are best buddies and best brothers:

I hope you all are doing great and enjoying your favorite hobbies and yarn pursuits! I miss you all so much,

Janet Russell

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